Our goal at Eco Child Outdoor with Nature is to foster each child’s natural urge to grow, discover and learn. We believe that quality, educational group care in an outdoor nature setting is a positive and beneficial experience for children and families.


About Us

What is Nature School?

Nature school, is a outdoor nature education delivery model in which children visit natural spaces to learn personal, social and technical skills. It has been defined as an inspirational process that offers children,  regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence, strength and social skills through hands-on learning in a woodland environment or park environment.

Our program is designed to promote the safety and well-being of the children at their various stages of development. We value each child as an individual and work to provide an environment and experiences that encourage risk, exploration, discovery and invention. Every experience provides an opportunity for children to identify and express their feelings, assert themselves, listen to others, negotiate and resolve conflicts.

Our philosophy is based upon the respect for children, their cultural background, developmental level, natural curiosity, and learning styles. We know that children learn best through play coupled with the early educator’s support in a safe, nurturing and natural environment, that promotes positive self-image, independence, self-confidence and healthy living skills. We strive to provide children with the opportunities to participate in their environment with their whole beings. 

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Our daily environment is nature. We enjoy taking walks with the children, traveling to new places, exploring an ant trail, making mud faces at the park or simply investigating a bee. 

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About Us

Organic Meals


All meals and snacks are natural and organic, made with clean ingredients your child needs for an active day at camp.

Outdoor Environment


Children are encouraged to explore the outdoors, take risk, run, jump and have fun with friends! Setting up patterns for an active, healthy lifestyle.

Weekly Outings


Children are provided with weekly field trips to the library, beach, children's museum, science center, local parks, hiking trails and much more. 

Children's Daily Schedule


Arrival & Departure

Morning arrival of children includes, greeting families, sunscreen for children & free play at the park while other families arrive. 

Afternoon or evening pick up is a smooth process of saying good bye to children and speaking with parents about the child's day. 

Meals & Snacks

Meals are served every 2 hours. Children enjoy a nutritious meal outdoors along side their friends and teachers. 

Nature Walk

Children and teachers enjoy a calming nature walk around the park, sometimes with music or while on a scavenger hunt. 

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and nature curriculum is an integral part of our day. Lessons are created on children's interest and their curiosity. They may include, art, science, manipulative, building/engineering, water or color discovery and much more. 


Gardening is a joyful activity that the children love! Being able to care for something fosters love, respect and independence. Children appreciate the responsibility given to them to care for their gardens. 

Children's Choice & Active Play

Children need time to discover what they want to do and who they want to play with. Children's choice provides an opportunity for independence, choice and growth in development. 


Eco Child Outdoor with Nature excepts children ages 2-7.

Meet our Teachers

Kalina Fernandez-Director


Ms. Kalina has a background in Early Childhood Education and Business Management. She has a passion for education, sports, health, nature and children. As a Director of Eco Child, she believes that quality childhood education is key for building strong, healthy and mindful children. 

Itzel Medina-Site Supervisor


Mrs. Itzel holds a bachelor degree in philosophy and french. She has a heart made for teaching young minds, she is patient, loving, kind and consistent. As the Site Supervisor, she ensures the quality, safety and education of the children in our program. 

Sarina Harris-Lead Teacher


As the Lead Teacher, Ms. Sarina guides the day to day adventures at Eco Child. She holds a bachelor degree in biology,  is an experienced face painter and has a true passion for the outdoors. 

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